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Tuesday, April 13

7:45am EDT

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Authors Present! Articles from MUsings: The Graduate Journal MU VideoMariah Lynch • Ashly Duin • Abby Gabner • Josefa Hernandez • Danielle Hornung • Channel Lowery Benefits of a Student-Run Research Journal MU VideoLeah Freeman • Rachel Hicks • Haley Schott • Macy Souders • Sarah Solomon African American Identity: An Examination of Genealogy, Genetics, and Race MU VideoNiema Abdullah Augmenting Manufacturing Execution Systems via Human-Machine Interfaces: Integration, Communication, and Automation MU VideoRobert Kiesel K-2S0 MU VideoRobert Kiesel • Ermias Wogari • Lee Tarter Exploring Home MU VideoTara Murdock FreeFall Laser Engraver Waterless Lithography Workshop Exhibition MU VideoVictoria Duggan • Gabi Donnelly • Hannah Lindsay • Andrea Burns • Rachel Canigiani • Jamie VanHorn Roots of the Susquehanna River MU VideoJoyce Williams The Beauty of the Landscape MU VideoMadison Vaughen Administration of Valerenic Acid Reduces Anxiety-like Behavior in Young-Adult Female (C57BL/6J) Mice MU VideoNatalie Pinder Differential gene expression in first-stage larvae with divergent developmental outcomes from the human parasitic nematode Strongyloides stercoralis MU VideoEmily Dalessandro • Damia Gonzalez Akimori Effect of Activin A on Scute Formation MU VideoDanielle Oberdick Game of Microbes; Understanding rhizobacteria’s implications for PA hemp production MU VideoAlan Snavely Interning at a Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center MU VideoCryslen Tuggle Land use effects on microplastic abundance and diversity in macroinvertebrates from head water systems MU VideoNicole Lee Quantifying the Impacts of Invasive Species on Imperiled U.S. Taxa MU VideoLauren Bleyer • Emily Ritter Behind the Magic: The Case of The Walt Disney Company MU VideoLeslea Rodig Studies toward 3,4-dihydro-2(1H)-quinolinone derivatives MU VideoYongyu Ou Synthetic studies of substituted cyclobutanes via photoredox catalyzed [2+2] cycloaddition MU VideoNathaniel Maynard Kevin Santopadre Future Documentary Movie Trailer MU VideoKevin Santopadre Accessibility for All: Enhancing the Curriculum with Assistive Technology (AT) MU VideoAlisa Landis Does small group instruction improve Spring Math scores. MU VideoKisha Young Examining the Effectiveness of the Developmental Spelling Program Words Their Way MU VideoMichelle Huffer PDS Action Research Project MU VideoHannah Scholl Post-Secondary Outcomes for Individuals with Down Syndrome MU VideoCara Haley Supporting Employment for Individuals with Severe Disabilities MU VideoAmanda VanOverbeke The Impact of Goal Setting on Second Grade Students MU VideoSamantha De Leo The Outdoor Classroom and Learning Gardens Project MU VideoNicole Sander • Claire Robinson • Cara Haley Fracture Analysis of Drill Core from Pennsylvania’s Piedmont and Valley and Ridge Provinces MU VideoTimothy Garner Long Island, New York Buoy 44025: Nor’easters MU VideoMarissa Tripus Implications of the Trump Administration 2018 Foreign Policy Decision Regarding the Kurdish Situation in North-Western Syria MU VideoKristina Diefenderfer A Vonnegutian Exploration of Truth, Meaning, and the Human Condition MU VideoHaley Huffman Accessing Information: A Comparison of Media Ethics MU VideoEmily Hyser An Analysis of Freshwater by Akwaeke Emzi MU VideoBrittney Love • Hannah Stroble Creative Project “To Sleep” MU VideoLeah Freeman Digital Portfolio MU VideoMadisen Wingert Digital Portfolio MU VideoBryan Malone Digital Portfolio Creation Benefits MU VideoKathryn Bremble • Kaitlyn Weller Ecclesiastes and The Tempest: The Preacher’s Influence on Shakespeare MU VideoMariah Lynch Film Analysis: Moonlight MU VideoSam Martello Font Fanzine MU VideoMolly Merson How Digital Portfolios can be Useful in Different Disciplines MU VideoXavier Dillingham • Molly Landfried • Abigail Risser • Kateryna Rebensky • Amber Warren How the Columbian Exchange Changed the Diet of Europeans and Fueled the Industrial Revolution MU VideoHaley Schott Index Card Poetry MU VideoMorgan Slough Portfolios: A Wide Variety MU VideoKatelin McDougald • Michelle Lepera • Madelynne News Reflections on a Digital Portfolio MU VideoRachel Hicks The Kite Runner MU VideoSamickshya Subedi • Apsara Uprety • Irving Rojo-Rodriguez The Power of Non-Western Literatures MU VideoBrittney Love • Hannah Stroble • Samickshya Subedi • Apsara Uprety • Irving Rojo-Rodriguez • Kathryn Shaffer The Production of an Online Portfolio and its Effects on a Future Job Search in Education MU VideoAaron Cook The Use and Abuse of the Oxford Comma MU VideoGrace Long Woman at Point Zero, A Presentation MU VideoKathryn Shaffer Virtual Persona and Gaming Communities: Player Interactions in Role-Playing Games MU VideoBrandon Townsend American's Learning German: How Cultural Associations Affect Proclivity Towards German Language Learning MU VideoRory Jester Winter Storm Orlena: An Analysis of the Impacts of Changing Precipitation with Atmospheric Conditions MU VideoCameron Gonteski Carving Out A Career in Sports Journalism: A Personal Collection of Writing and Interviews MU VideoDean Snock Devin Robinson Portfolio MU VideoDevin Robinson Eyewitness Event Article - Flyers vs. Jets MU VideoZack Todd Sustainable Composites LLC Rejuvenating Wasted Leather MU VideoJordan Satterfield Now We're Stressed Out: The Stress of a Student and its Long Term Effects MU VideoTatiana Komori-Hertz A Systems- Level Approach for Mindfulness Training in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic MU VideoSydney Murphy The Impact of Gratitude on Mindfulness in College Students MU VideoBrooke Shimer Using the Classroom Check-Up Coaching Model to Increase Student Engagement During Virtual Learning MU VideoKatherine Schoener Utilizing the Classroom Check-Up Model via Tele-Consultation to increase Opportunities to Respond in Virtual and Hybrid Learning MU VideoSadie Wentland A Social Problem and Policy Exploration of Housing Discrimination MU VideoChannel Lowery Advocating for Foster Care Youth in Higher Education MU VideoAshly Duin • Abby Gabner • Josefa Hernandez • Danielle Hornung • Danielle McFadien Gamification of Learning for Library Student Employees MU VideoKimberly Auger

9:25am EDT

"Chunking" Summative Assessments Live Zoom PresentationHoward Brosnan Literature of Witnessing Live Zoom PresentationYinghong Crone • Tania Turner • Sydney Gant • Morgan Chapman • Erin Buchanan • Elizabeth Rickrode • Jacob Dickens NAGPRA: Repatriation of American Indian Ancestors and Funerary Artifacts in Higher Education Live Zoom PresentationJordan Traut • Ann Burt Debt-trap Diplomacy: Chinese Influence in Africa Live Zoom PresentationDavid Milam Left Behind: How Bumiputera Laws Prevent Other Malaysians From Obtaining Higher Education Live Zoom PresentationBrandon Downey Modern Challenges in the Developing World Live Zoom PresentationDavid Milam • Yorlin Susana • Carly ONeill • Brandon Downey • Bojana Stankov Political Pessimism in Serbia: Mill’s Method on Interaction Between Education and Political Pessimism Live Zoom PresentationBojana Stankov State Sanctioned Aggression towards Ethnic Groups in Myanmar Live Zoom PresentationCarly ONeill The Secret to Success: Vietnam’s Secret to Rapid Modernization and Development Live Zoom PresentationYorlin Susana A Classroom in Perfect Harmony: The Educator’s Role in Promoting Student Wellbeing in the Vocal Music Classroom Live Zoom PresentationElise Eggleston Can You Hear Colors? An Exploration of the Cognitive Effects of Synesthesia on Musicians. Live Zoom PresentationKaitlyn Pekarik “It started out like a song”: A contextualized musical analysis of Stephen Sondheim’s most pivotal works of the 1980s. Live Zoom PresentationNoah Manno

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